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The company was founded in 1997, setting design, development, production, sales in the integration business entity. Professional manufacture of single, double screw plastic extruder and the production line, such as: the PP tubing and the penholder unit in Pen machinery ; the J strip, sealing strips and special-shaped material unit in the automotive industry ; precision nylon tube, TPE, TPU pipe production line, three layer co-extrusion mesh nylon pipe production line of automotive industry; BMC cutting machine only for electric tool; eagerly granulation unit, engineering plastic cold pelletizing unit, masterbatch unit special for PVC and etc.
Dense type extrusion production line designed by DiRong is outstanding in the same industry leading level; geometric accuracy of products is much higher than conventional molding products in the same industry, so that the passing rate of finished products is controlled at about 99.9%, popularly receiving the praise and acquiescence from customers. Our continuous innovation, research and development hope for the vast number of new and old customers in product development on painting on a successful. Customer satisfaction is our best reward.

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